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Concerning about Anxiety and a Big Rival: A Note to A New Season

“To across a river with a strong stream, you need to go beyond yourself.”

Let’s talk about anxiety….

Last season, a new record has just been broken by Arsenal. It’s not an exciting record, but a record that soon needs to be defeated and put aside. Being failed to pass the big-eight rounds for five times in turn is clearly a proof of an unpleasant record. In the domestic competitions, Arsenal hasn’t been regarded as a real threat since 2005 after The Invincible era was over.

What’s wrong then? Is it because Arsenal is less popular than Chelsea of Manchester City? Is it because the long-period injury that has spoiled the players? Or is it because of the young squad with no an ideal leader? All questions have been discussed, answered, and forgotten (the solution). A new season is started with the same optimism although it is followed with the identical lost and sorrow.

I have ever written about the death of an initiative as a trigger to achieve a better goal. I also emphasized the significance of urgency in the league. However, my study will never be enough without reorganizing the mindset of “Arsenal society”. This mindset will trigger the existence of a new initiative and become the foundation of the understanding of responsibility in life urgency (read: match).

I am confident enough with the quality of each individual in Arsenal. The players have good skill and quality that can challenge the players of the Catalan or Bavaria giant. However, it seems that the individual quality in nothing unless it is bound with the collective understanding, in which responsibility as the limitation. In the collective understanding, each player is demanded to equalize their perception and be responsible with the goal they’re going to achieve. Each individual may not be irresponsible with the collective understanding and blame it on to others.

If they can’t make it work, no wonder if the system is not working well. The players play with no direction, make them difficult, and finally make the team suffer. Therefore, every individual in “Arsenal society” should be able to show that they have responsibility and willing to achieve the goal collectively. The individual awareness to achieve a better level will be a valuable asset to precede the great goal in each season, which is victory.

The idea elaborated above is working only if every player realized their responsibility and the developing condition that turn into a hope. After 2005, Arsenal has never become a champion in the Premiere League and was only stacked as a second winner in the Champions League. The hope and expectation that press them are felt burdensome along the time passes. These have become one of the factors that trigger the anxiety of players among the “Arsenal society”.

Big anxiety slows down their steps to achieve a great goal. This united feeling will strangle each player to synchronize the perception collectively.

The players who put the anxiety as their burden on their shoulder will break their own life gradually and as time goes by the anxiety will turn into a failure. Arsene Wenger, in the press conference prior to the match against Newcastle United last season, emphasized that finding and maintaining consistency is significant.

Remember Monsieur, maintaining consistency is always the hardest part. We need trust and self-willing and blend them with the other players. If the players are failed to find out their own “super level”, the intention to reach consistency will become a haunted enemy that eat them up from inside.

Feeling “capable” is not enough. The players should “step on the same footbridge”, which is being strong from the inside and staying firm when they hold hands together.

Now, Arsenal is trapped on two big enemies; defeating their selves and being boosted to reach the consistency level. Those two problems are not easily solved since they are possible to develop into technical and nontechnical factors. These, then, starts to poison each player to become unconfident and contaminate others.

In brief, it is important to find out the strength from inside and turn it into a weapon. To be better is started from us and hopefully it can be the first step to reach the great goal in this life.

Anxiety will never be vanished. It grows and depends on the host….


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